How much does CCTV security system in Ahmedabad cost?

A common question in the minds of home owners or office owners could be: How much does security camera system cost? It is important to look for CCTV equipment suppliers in Ahmedabad, India to know the cost of installing surveillance systems at your premises.

There are several factors that influence the cost of CCTV cameras in India. You should know what type of CCTV cameras need to be installed along with the number of units you would require. The quality of central monitoring and processing system also plays a major role in deciding upon the cost of installation of CCTV security systems.

If you are planning to install 3 to 4 CCTV cameras, it can cost you around INR 55,000 to 70,000, which includes the price of equipment and the labour costs. If you want to install 2 security cameras along with an LCD monitor, you may have to spend about INR 22,000. The average cost of installing NVR or DVR could be around INR 6500.

While buying security camera system, you should consider all the options available and seek professional advice and guidance if you are not sure about which system will serve your exact purpose. Check about the installation cost of cameras when investing in one. Make sure that you buy CCTV cameras online from a reputed and reliable supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Depending on your visibility and monitoring goals, you can choose the right security system and secure your premises with minimal investment. The location of DVR should be safe so that nobody can steal it. Pay special attention to the safety of DVR while installing CCTV cameras at home or office. One needs to ensure that the NVR / DVR have a backup power source so that the recordings can be made even during power cut.

When you have made up your mind to buy CCTV cameras, make sure that you consider the cleaning and maintenance costs also. You may have to spend a little money each month to clean the cameras so that dust and cobwebs can be removed. You can ask the manufacturer or supplier about the additional maintenance costs when you want to buy security systems.


How to avoid blind spots with your CCTV security recording system?

A blind spot refers to the areas that are not covered by the CCTV security recording system. All the CCTV cameras have a limited range and so, all the areas may not be covered.

Every CCTV camera has a blind spot, but in order to ensure safety of your premises, you should invest in a camera that is designed with “zero blind spot” capability. If you want to get optimal coverage with your CCTV security system Ahmedabad, India, you should look for reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. The location of camera also determines the blind spots. It is important to install camera in such a way that any blind spots in the perimeter are covered.

Essential tips to avoid blind spots with CCTV cameras

  1. It is important to review the building plan and determine the ideal locations where the camera needs to be installed. Find out the distance and detection range of the surveillance zone. It can be a good idea to situate the camera as close to the surveillance area first and then choose how much zoom is needed. You can talk to CCTV security recording system Gujarat, India suppliers and get help to choose the right lens or camera to cover any blind spot.
  2. Click the photos of the areas you wish to cover and this will help you choose the right lens and camera.
  3. It is essential to choose the right camera resolution. Depending on your specific requirements, you can pick the right one and maximize surveillance potential. Ask the CCTV surveillance systems supplier for the best suitable camera resolution to avoid blind spots and ensure a clear footage.
  4. There are different types of vandal proof cameras available in the market. You can ask the manufacturer or supplier for such cameras.
  5. The lighting in the area that your camera would cover is important. There are chances that you may need additional lighting or infrared CCTV cameras to ensure that the images are clear.

If you are looking for high quality CCTV surveillance systems in Ahmedabad, talk to the experts and get advice for getting the best solutions to help you avoid any blind spots.

Buy the best CCTV cameras for office and improve productivity

Gone are the days when surveillance systems were considered to be a luxury affair and only established businesses and large corporations could afford it. With the advancement in the technology, several types of video surveillance systems have been invented to help the business owners keep an eye on their premises and enhance the security.

Reduces Theft and Loss

The obvious advantage of installing video surveillance system is it reduces thefts, loss, or vandalism. Digital surveillance cameras can capture and store the videos and they can be available as and when needed. High definition CCTV cameras offer clear video feeds that can be used to identify the individuals stealing or vandalizing the property.

Easier installation

CCTV cameras are easy to install and require very less equipment. While buying CCTV cameras, you can ask the suppliers whether the quote includes installation service or not. The videos can be stored on hard drives and viewed from any location.

Remote monitoring

CCTV cameras help you monitor the activities on your surveillance feeds remotely. No matter at what part of the world you are located, you can still watch the video recordings and watch them using an internet connection.

Improved productivity

Many businesses use CCTV cameras to know what the employees are doing. When you have CCTV cameras installed at office, employees are likely to stick to their tasks, take breaks within the defined timings, and feel safe at work.

How to make the right choice for video surveillance system?

It is important to buy the right video surveillance system for your office or home. Do some research in the market and compare the features of different CCTV cameras before you decide to buy them. Compare the market prices for CCTV cameras and ensure that you get the maximum value for the money you spend. Generally, video surveillance systems are a one-time investment and so, you should be careful when buying such systems. Look for reliable CCTV cameras supplier and clarify all the doubts you may have. So, what are you waiting for? Search the internet for reliable and reputed CCTV manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and enjoy the endless benefits.

Why should IP cameras be installed in hospitals?

Nick started an initiative to treat older and elderly patients at his clinic for free. He advertised about the offer online and offline and got hundreds of patients in the first month, and the number of elderly patients kept on increasing each month. He wanted to ensure the security of the patients and their family members. So, he looked for someone to install surveillance systems for his clinic. The patients felt very safe and secure at the clinic.

There is a huge demand for IP cameras in hospitals and clinics for the security of the patients. A smartly installed IP camera can help to prevent mishaps, thefts, or unwanted intruders.

Still not convinced of installing IP camera at hospitals? Keep reading on. IP cameras are simple and easy to install. You can ask the IP camera manufacturer to install the cameras at your premises. It can be a good idea to install such cameras at the entry and exit points in the hospitals. This can help to prevent unwanted intruders.

Where IP cameras should be installed in hospitals?

An IP camera can be installed in parking lots of the clinics and hospitals to prevent thieves breaking into cars. Such cameras help you get remote access of what’s going on at the premises and also helps to keep a check on your staff members. For instance, doctors can monitor the activities of nurses and other staff members and offer better care and treatments to the patients.

IP cameras should be installed in open areas such as dining halls, activity areas, TV rooms, and hallways so that the privacy of patients is not compromised. The stockrooms and supply rooms can have such cameras to keep a check on the stock and prevent thefts.

One of the major advantages of IP cameras is that it provides great quality footage as compared to other cameras. Hence, the recordings can be used for identifying the culprits easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Install IP camera at your hospital and improve the security of patients. Make sure that you buy such cameras from reliable IP camera suppliers in Ahmedabad. There are several manufacturers and suppliers selling IP cameras in Gujarat. You should compare all the factors and buy the right one as per your requirements and budget.